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Brunton ADC Summit Handheld Weather Station (F-ADC-SUMMIT)


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  • Model: LYN/CO136
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
  • Manufactured by: Brunton

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Brunton ADC Summit Handheld Weather Station (F-ADC-SUMMIT) Product Info

This handheld weather station for data-driven explorers who need up-to-the-second information about the world around them. Offing the best on-site information relating to current environmental conditions and weather forecasting to inform immediate decision-making.


  • Weather forecast is presented in easy to read icons that indicate improving, slightly cloudy, deteriorating, adverse or stormy weather conditions impending.
  • See current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as 24-hour Temperature history graph to understand trends; simultaneously see current and minimum wind chill.
  • Understand current wind direction and speed to compare against the ideal conditions for your activity and objective. Includes a wind speed alarm.
  • Blowing wind feels colder than simple air temp; understanding wind chill can dramatically impact preparations and objectives, especially as the air temp drops. Also features a wind chill alarm to alert you when conditions deteriorate.
  • Day of the week, date, and time at your fingertips. Includes an alarm to get you up and out or to signal critical turn-around times set during pre-planning.
  • Race timer mode, is a countdown timer to keep track of a fixed time period.
  • A stopwatch function that’s great for competition, cooking, counting heart rates and more, measuring elapsed time,  accumulative elapsed time or lap time and it counts laps, too.
  • Predict the weather through barometric pressure - 24 hour pressure history graph, stormy alarm, measure in Hecto-Pascal, millibar, or inches of mercury.
  • Altimeter measures current, minimum and maximum altitude, accumulative ascent and descent sums total ascent/descent for skiing or other gravity sports and counts laps via a ski-run counter. An altitude alarm alerts to your critical navigation elevation to keep you on route. Easily set to feet or meters.

Package Contents:

  • Brunton ADC Summit Handheld Weather Station (F-ADC-SUMMIT)

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